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This past year I got married and life is fantastic. A little too good sometimes.

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That is why this P90X3 journey is SO important to me. Getting back to the roots of fitness and health. That is why I am personally reviewing P90X3 in depth and sharing my journey. I have created videos on modifications for people and will continue to help those that are going through the program. There is a simple formula for figuring out your calories.

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P90X3 Workout Review

If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Did you like this post? You May Also Enjoy Love being about to work out at home, save so much time comparing to trekking to the gym. Alyssa — December 10, pm Reply. Jenn — December 10, pm Reply. Randa — December 10, pm. Christine — December 10, pm Reply. Here's the formula: 1. What is your gender? Female - add one Male - add two My score is 1 so far and my test group participants score is 2. Slacker desk job - subtract 1 Moderate server at a resturant - add 0 Hardcore construction worker - add 1 I'm a teacher who sits and plays instruments most of the day.

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I subtracted 1. I'm not sure what my test group participant is, so I scored him as a slacker by subtracting 1. My score is now 2 and his score is 7. Wanna lose weight - add 0 Wanna maintain weight - add 1 Wanna gain weight - add 2 We both want to lose some weight, so I added 0 to both of our scores. I ended up at 2 and he ended up at 7. I am a nursing mom.

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My score is a 2 and that equates to 1, calories a day or plan A. That's not enough so I upped my score to a 3.

P90x3 Nutrition Guide Simplified

That put me right at 1, calories a day, plan B, and I'm comfortable with that. My test group participant ended up in group F, which is roughly around 3, calories a day. For each group, Tony recommends 5 meals a day. Breakfast, AM snack, lunch, PM snack, and dinner. This follows the clean eating lifestyle very nicely.

The beauty of this meal plan is its simplicity. In the guide book, Tony gives you lists of carbs, proteins and fats.

Jennifer Wood Fitness : P90X3 Nutrition Guide Recipe: Sweet Chipotle Salad Dressing

They are listed in hierarchy form. In the guide book, Tony gives you two ways to measure your food:. So, based on the meal plan allowed and the foods that Tony suggests in the guide book which by the way are all clean foods , here's what I came up with for MY plan B meal plan for the week. I don't mind variety so I usually eat the same breakfast, lunch, and snacks all week. I will cook dinners in mass quantity and have them to reheat. It's just easier that way with two little kids, a full time job AND a part time job! Now for my test group participant's meal plan.

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He's on plan F, which is roughly 3, calories a day. I only had a few minutes so I made him one day's worth to get him started. Here's what it looks like:. AM Snack:. PHEW - that's a lot of food!

P90X3 Nutrition Guide: Intuitive Eating Defined

Most people think that if they eat that much, they won't lose weight. If you don't eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode and hangs onto each and every ounce you eat. When you eat enough good, clean, healthy food, your body stops holding onto everything and starts clearing the junk out!